as a firm beliver in the wholistic approch we beilve in working with you on a direct personal levet that will alow us to tailor a program to meet your needs. We can offer the following:

Financial Planning for Individuals-- A planning process that allows you to maximize the likelihood of achieving your short and long term financial goals.
• Comprehensive Financial Planning*
• Asset Allocation Modeling*
• Professional Money Management*
• Investment Products*
• College Funding Strategies
• Life Insurance Product Selection
• Disability Income Protection
• Long Term Care Insurance

Retirement Planning-- Design strategies to obtain a secure retirement, encompassing accumulation, distribution and investment selections.
• Tax Deferred Annuities (fixed and variable*)
• IRAs/Roth IRAs/Rollover IRAs
• Personal Retirement Program
• Distribution Planning
Estate Planning -- Wealth preservation strategies through minimization of Federal estate tax and provision for needed liquidity.
• Tax Planning
• Analysis of Wills
• Gifting Techniques
• Trust Planning

Business Planning-- Our job is to provide expert advice and cost effective solutions to business in the area of executive compensation planning and employee benefits.

Employee Benefits--
• Financial Educational Seminars
• Pension Plan Design and Administration
• SERPs - Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans
• Executive Benefits
• 401(k), 403(b) Profit Sharing Plans
• Non-Qualified Retirement Plans
• Deferred Compensation

Succession Planning--
• Employee Stock Option Plans
• Buy/Sell Agreements
• Exit Strategies
• Plan Design and Funding
• Key Person Life and Disability Insurance

Group Insurance --
• Group Life & Disability Insurance
• Medical & Dental Benefits
• Voluntary Employee Benefits
• Cafeteria Plans
• Sec. 125 Plans